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kreisform kommunikation gmbh was founded in 2017 in Bern, Switzerland, by me, Michael Heger.

Initially, my activities focused on communication and management of a professional association in the Swiss environmental sector. Over the years, I co-founded the first coworking space in a small town called Langenthal, established Ateliers Bollwerkstadt in Bern and implemented projects for associations, companies, universities and media houses. 

Through all these activities, I gained a lot of insight and experience and built up a broad network of graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, journalists and other experts. Today, I work with all these people on large and complex projects - from concept to implementation and evaluation.

As a digital native, I understand the tools that new technologies offer us. A thirst for knowledge and curiosity keep me exploring their possibilities. My main focus is placed at the intersection of Web 3 and social and environmental impact. With a CAS in Blockchain, I have deepened my knowledge of distributed ledger technologies. 

Thanks to an interdisciplinary university education, I have learned to look at complex issues from different angles, classify them accordingly and communicate in a language my counterpart understands.

My work and life experience on three continents helps me to put myself in other people's shoes - no matter how different their perceptions, mindset or political stance.

kreisform stands for responsible, empathetic and quality-conscious action through my mission statement.


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