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Reimagining Democracy 


Authoritarian tendencies are diluting democratic structures in many places. Can new decision-making mechanisms strengthen our democracy? Experiments spilling over from the blockchain into the "real world" hold promise for the future. Could these cutting-edge approaches be the key to revitalizing our civic institutions and empowering citizens like never before?

Michael Heger, June 18, 2024      ⌛️ 20 Minutes      📖 Glossary of technical terms 

Part 1: DAOs and New Forms of Collective Decision-Making 

What do fair collective decisions look like? A new type of organization on the blockchain exposes long-standing decision-making flaws and introduces new mechanisms. Learn how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are disrupting traditional power structures and enabling new forms of collaboration.

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Part 2: The Value of a Vote 

Quadratic Voting promises to give minorities a more significant say in matters that affect them personally. However, when implemented using an established currency, it can reinforce existing inequalities. Discover how QV works in practice and how it can improve democratic decision-making.


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Part 3: Democracy 3.0   

The first applications of Quadratic Voting for decision-making show its advantages over conventional systems. But what happens when we use Quadratic Voting for general elections or referendums? Is it even practically feasible? 


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Shaping the Future Together

We invite organizations, individuals, and companies to join us in discovering and implementing new ways of collaborating and making decisions.


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